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What's New:
  • VINCI, via its subsidiary VINCI Highways, has taken a strategic stake in the capital of TollPlus
  • The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority’s Board of Directors (CCRMA) Chooses TollPlus, LLC on February 1 2016., to Provide New Back Office System.
  • The contract term is 5 years with the option to extend for two additional three-year periods.
Job Description
TollPlus Sr Business Development Executive


TollPlus LLC. is a software company founded by a highly-experienced group of software professionals developing sophisticated End-to- End Toll Road Management solutions to address the challenges in the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) sector in North America, and other markets in the world. Innovation-driven, the company’s core services include the design, integration, implementation and maintenance of ETC systems, for toll roads, traffic and violation enforcement, parking management, transit and image processing management. In the fast-changing market of ETC, TollPlus puts a strong focus on technology and R&D to offer world class level products and services.

TollPlus LLC. headquarters are in Chandler, AZ and has a development facility in India. The company has over 120 employees and is growing quickly to address the market needs.


As part of growth strategy, TollPlus has identified the need to recruit a Senior Business Development Executive.

The proposed role will be an executive role in the Company and he/she will report to the Founder and CEO. The Senior Business Development Executive will assist the CEO and address a wide variety of activities, including developing new businesses, managing bids, building and managing strategic partnerships and Key Accounts, negotiating contracts, and ensuring Customer Satisfaction.

The Senior Business Development Executive will actively participate in all phases of Marketing & Business Development. He will work closely with the CEO to develop and accomplish goals and strategic plans for company growth.

The position requires prior experience in the U.S. Tolling Market & Highways industry as well as some familiarity and exposure to Software Product Life Cycle.


Key responsibilities:

Business Development

  • Spearhead the Business Development, Communication and Implementation of effective growth strategies and processes in the US Market
  • Develop an annual business development strategic plan with specific goals, strategies, audiences, tactics and measurement for positioning the TollPlus to its Primary Publics
  • Build and nurture a strong network of contacts within the tolling industry, including prospective customers, consultants, prospective joint venture partners, prospective supply chain partners, governmental and regulatory agencies, etc.
  • Remain knowledgeable of market and industry trends, competitors, and all aspects of the market.
  • Represent the TollPlus at various community activities; Meet and network regularly with Business leaders in the community
  • Act as TollPlus “Ambassador” in the wider U.S. market, building awareness of the company and its value proposition among not only prospective customers but key influencers, regulators, etc.
  • Oversees the Development and Implementation of the TollPlus Marketing and Branding plans
  • Identify upcoming needs and requests for proposal, requests for qualifications, requests for quotations, etc., from relevant transport and highways authorities in active markets throughout the U.S.
  • Work closely with the Business Development/Technology/Delivery/Presales teams to develop Commercial and Technical responses and proposals that position the company to successfully close business with a focus on margins and profitability.
  • Lead the contract negotiations until a final agreement is reached.
  • Actively contribute to building the product roadmap by providing Customer, Market and Industry feedback.
  • Challenge the solutions for Efficiency, Compliance, Completeness and Effectiveness with the Delivery and Technology managers, so that the proposed solutions meet or exceed all Market and Industry expectations.

Communication Management

  • Maintain close lines of communication with the CEO and other members of his team as required, including briefing the CEO no less frequently than weekly, but more frequently if warranted, on progress and key issues.
  • Develops and maintains internal communications programs to keep TollPlus staff informed of TollPlus New Business, Marketing, and Branding initiatives


Education & Qualifications

  • University degree in Engineering, or Business administration.
  • MBA or Masters in Public Administration or Business Administration will be desirable

Business and Industry Knowledge

  • A minimum of 10-15 years of experience in the public transportation field and the software industry
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in Electronic Toll Collection systems and/or operations
  • Ideally, a combination of experience working for an operating company (local or regional transportation authority, rapid transit agency or private operation company)
  • Successful track record in the U.S tolling industry.
  • Corporate and C-level background
  • Having previously held P&L/Budget Development responsibility would be an advantage
  • Experience in Leading Cross-Disciplinary teams in developing technically and commercially sound responses for Government Sector Tenders.
  • Good understanding of Product Engineering and Technology
Toll Roads Maintenance

TollPlus is designed and built to automate the operation and maintenance of toll roads. It provides a modular set of capabilities that support every aspect of toll road operations.

Ports Management

TollPlus has built in capabilities to track entries and exits of all trucks as well as their weight and content declarations.

Violation Enforcement

TollPlus takes a fresh, new approach to violations enforcement which allows our customers to better manage their violations portfolio, track violations history and reduce the need for write-offs.

Parking Management

Parking Management is made easy as TollPlus facilitates the calculation and automatic collection of parking fares.

Traffic Enforcement

TollPlus processes all types of violations (manual and automatic citations). These include speeding, parking, red light violations, littering, etc.