Canara Bank

TollPlus emerged as the successful H1 bidder in the Techno Commercial evaluation in October 2019 to provide the NETC Issuing System for Canara Bank. The system was deployed in less than four weeks.



Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the state agency in charge of roads and railways infrastructure in the Republic of Ireland, just signed an 11-year contract with Turas, a joint-venture comprising VINCI Highways, subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, and Abtran, the largest Irish-owned business process management provider, to manage freeflow transactions services and customer relations on the Dublin ring road (M50 motorway). This includes the design, implementation and management of a new back-office platform with data processing and information management capabilities to facilitate transactions. Implemented by VINCI Highways’ subsidiary TollPlus, the new back-office will allow TII to better meet the demands of today, and effectively handle projected growth in transaction volume.


North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), which operates high-quality toll road systems in North Texas and provides tolling services for other toll projects in NTTA’s service area, has selected TollPlus to design, implement and maintain its new Back-Office Toll Collection System. The new system will process all transponder-based and license-plate based toll transactions on NTTA’s network and the other toll facilities in the region, as well as transponder-based parking at DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field. The contract was finalized in September 2018 and the system was implemented in January 2021, including the successful migration of 18.3M accounts, 2.34B trips, and 500M payments from the legacy system.


Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) - Cofiroute USA

91 Express Lanes is an all-ETC facility operated by Cofiroute USA, LLC ("Cofiroute") under contract to the agency owner, OCTA. In February 2011, TollPlus, LLC entered into a contract with Cofiroute to modify ToP-BOS to reflect the 91 Express Lanes business rules and to provide a new, fully integrated back-office solution for the facility. TollPlus, LLC began work in February 2011 and implemented the solution in June 2011, including the migration of all relevant data from the legacy system.


Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)

TollPlus deployed its state of the art back-office system (ToP-BOS) for OCTA in June 2013. The RCTC extended the existing OCTA 91 Express Lanes into Riverside County to increase capacity and reduce congestion for a 14-mile stretch of SR-91 and a 6-mile stretch along Interstate 15. TollPlus worked with Cofiroute USA to integrate the two 91 Express Lane facilities to ensure systems, signage, and business rules were complimentary and corresponded to both OCTA and RCTC policies and requirements.

The project went live in March 2017 and we have since extended the ToP-BOS back-office system to serve two counties with one operating system (multi-agency revenue sharing), resulting in significant cost savings to both agencies.



Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA)

CCRMA was looking to increase the efficiency of its toll operations and lower its operating costs. TollPlus was selected as the successful bidder and implemented ToP-BOS in December 2016 encompassing toll processing of lane system data, automated replenishment of customer accounts, financial processes, reporting, image review system, system monitoring, and operations management. Thanks to our unsurpassed technical and functional capabilities, the entire project was implemented in record time – seven months ahead of schedule. TollPlus deployed the system on cloud-ready infrastructure with a de-coupled service-oriented architecture (SOA). To minimize capital and ongoing maintenance costs, TollPlus recommended a multi-tenant deployment solution using Rackspace. The ease of use of the system dramatically improved both the quality of customer service and the level of customer satisfaction that CCRMA was able to provide to its clients.



ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company and is the largest private bank in India. In 2012, ICICI Bank selected TollPlus as their technology provider to support a nationwide tolling initiative to implement Electronic Toll Collection across the country, and to provide a Central Electronic Back Office Application (CEBA) solution for the program. Drawing on our extensive experience in both the credit card and tolling industries, we designed a system (Issuing & Acquiring) that:

  • Smoothly handles high volumes
  • Features enterprise-wide technology
  • Is easily scalable to meet increasing volume

We delivered an initial pilot solution within six (6) months, working with multiple stakeholders to insure total participation in the program. The system was deployed in July 2013 and is being extended to over 350+ plazas utilizing one CEBA solution for all of India. The system has been built to regularly process more than 10M daily transactions.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA)

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) contracted with Cofiroute USA in March 2018 to provide Pay-By-Mail services including invoicing and processing (video billing), violations processing, collections, and customer services. TollPlus is providing its ToP-BOS as a core component of the overall solution, including hardware, software, and IT infrastructure.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda

A contract was awarded to TollPlus in October 2017 to provide a CEBA issuing system. Under this model, the toll service provider can enter into agreements with various concessions or with the central toll clearinghouse; and offers to pay the toll charges for their customers when they use any of the toll facilities. Transactions are then submitted to the issuing bank in agreed upon SLAs. The system went live in March 2018.

Pharr Bridge 1

Pharr Bridge – Texas (CCRMA)

TollPlus deployed its state-of-the-art ToP-BOS for CCRMA in December 2016. CCRMA decided to extend this system to include the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, which connects U.S. Highway 281 to the Mexican city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. A contract to cover this additional work was awarded in October 2017, and the system is slated to go live during Q2 of 2018.



Kotak Mahindra Bank

A contract was awarded to TollPlus in April 2019 to provide the NETC Acquirer System for Kotak Mahindra Bank. The system went live in May 2019, and the contract was successfully completed in February 2021.



Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA)

As the owner and operator of the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway, the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority's (THEA) mission is to provide this region with needed transportation improvements. The Authority uses its toll revenues to integrate and enhance the region's transportation system in a manner that complements Tampa Bay's natural beauty, utility and functionality.

THEA went operational with the TollPlus ToP-IPS (Image Review System) product in June 2013. Customer license plate images were processed whenever transponder transaction information was not available. Additionally, ToP-IPS provided increased financial integrity and improved management oversight, reporting, and cost effectiveness of the agency’s video toll collection operations. We successfully completed this four-year project in June 2017.



Miami DADE Express Highway (MDX)

TollPlus LLC deployed its ToP-IPS for MDX video tolling needs in May 2014. ToP-IPS employed state-of-the-art automatic vehicle recognition software and integrated it with highly efficient human review processes. ToP-IPS fully utilized third party OCR and fingerprinting products, combining them with a high-efficiency manual processing application, operating within a high-performance, high-availability environment provided by TollPlus to significantly reduce operational costs. ToP-IPS also featured extensible data services and workflow-driven business logic for ease of ongoing maintenance and re-configurability. In May 2016, we successfully completed our two-year contract with MDX.


Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI)

TollPlus LLC designed the ToP-CCH, an effective clearinghouse solution for ATI Interoperability in the U.S. This pilot program was intended to facilitate interoperable transactions between toll agencies located in different states. The project was successfully completed in 2011.