Revenue and Accounting Management System (RAMS) for Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)



OCTA serves 34 cities and unincorporated areas in Orange County, CA. The Authority owns and operates the 91 Express Lanes, a four-lane, 10-mile toll facility located between Orange and Riverside Counties.

Our partner, Cofiroute USA, has provided consultation and implementation services to OCTA since 2003. In 2011, Cofiroute USA agreed to deliver a new state of the art Revenue and Accounting Management System (RAMS) to OCTA, after an 18-month attempt to achieve this with another vendor had failed.

Key challenge: Cofiroute had only four-and-a-half months to do what another firm had failed to execute in 18 months.


Working together, Cofiroute and TollPlus worked around the clock to assure successful, timely delivery of the new system. We created different functional teams to work independently within their fields of expertise to ensure milestone dates were met.

Thanks to our strong working relationship with Cofiroute, we were able to perform functional and integration testing in a near simultaneous manner. Requirement changes, which occurred during the development process, were handled efficiently and without error or delay.

Together, TollPlus and Confroute delivered the new RAMS to OCTA on time, within budget. This fully integrated back office system manages every operation, report and customer detail, providing a simpler and better customer experience.

In fact, OCTA was so pleased with its new system that it awarded Cofiroute a new $80 million contract.


91 Express Lanes customers now enjoy a more user-friendly web access to their accounts. The system also integrates payment and violation tracking. For additional convenience, the 91 Express Lanes interfaces with other Orange County toll road systems.

  • Improved Efficiency

    With RAMS, customer service representatives can deliver better service with the ability to quickly retrieve and update information requested by customers. At the same time, customers now enjoy more self-service options, which has dramatically reduced the number of calls to the help line.

  • Increased Revenue

    RAMS automation locates lost revenue, and the system supports multi-agency revenue sharing. Potential revenue leaks are quickly identified by the system’s complete financial reconciliation capabilities.

  • Better Performance, Availability, and Scalability

    The RAMS single optimized platform uses proven design patterns from the credit card and telecom industries to provide high-volume transaction processing and 24x7x365 availability. It has a Single Sign-On (SSO), is easily customizable, and uses configurable rules via a systems administration module. All data is stored in one central database for easy access. The platform can be easily scaled vertically or horizontally depending on the infrastructure.

  • Functionality

    RAMS provides an end-to-end enterprise solution that features:

    • Superior accounting, finance, and audit capabilities
    • A comprehensive inventory and materials management module
    • Advanced technology to handle images and documents
    • Automated notification management (SMS, email, fax, letters)
  • Simplified Management, Zero Downtime

    RAMS has built-in compliance and security features including:

    • Transaction reconciliation, financial settlement, and audit module
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Role-based access
    • PCI-DSS compliance
    • Penetration resistance