The TollPlus ToP-CEBA Issuing System allows third parties to offer tolling services to road users. Using this system banks, telecom, concessionaires, and other service companies can offer toll services to their existing or new customers. The toll service provider can enter into agreements with various concessions or with the central toll clearinghouse; and offers to pay the toll charges for their customers when they use any toll facilities. Transactions are then submitted to the issuing bank in agreed-upon SLAs.


The ToP-CEBA Issuing System offers the following key functions:

  • Customer registration and management
  • Hierarchical account management
  • RFID tag / transponder issuance
  • Multi-payment mode integration
  • Notification management
  • Document management
  • Processing ETC transactions and account debit
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Point of Sale System (Master POS and sub-agents)
  • Multi-channel distribution with support to third-party agents and in-house sales teams
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Customer Service (CRM) using phone, chat, and social media
  • Back-office portal for operations
  • Mobile app and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities
  • Offer wide variety of accounts including prepaid, postpaid, video, transponder, non-revenue, and fleet
  • Dispute resolution
  • Reconciliation and reporting
  • Fraud detection and black list management
  • Auto-recharge (top up) of prepaid accounts
  • Compliance with country banking and other security regulations including KYC, OFAC, PCI certification and SOC audits


Stephan P. Andriuk

Deputy Executive Director/Director of Toll Operations, Miami Dade Expressway Authority

“TollPlus LLC successfully completed the Enhanced Image Processing (EIP) system deployment for MDX. The system successfully handles video toll transaction volumes at an average of about 350,000-plus per day with a system availability of 99.67 over the past 14 months … This approach represented significant operational savings for MDX business operations.”

J.R. Fenske

Director of Members and Programs, The Alliance for Toll Interoperability

“TollPlus LLC, as a subcontractor of Cofiroute USA, LLC successfully installed a tolling back office system on the 91 Express Lanes located in Anaheim, CA … TollPlus has consistently been a reliable partner and has delivered high quality software on or ahead of schedule. Since going live, we have experienced zero down time and TollPlus has met or exceeded all of our required performance standards.”