The TollPlus ToP-HOST is an operational back office that can be integrated with any roadside system. The host collects all the data from roadside equipment and prepares fully-formed toll transactions that are then sent to a commercial back office system for billing.


The key components of ToP-HOST include:

  • Trip building
  • Congestion-based dynamic pricing
  • Time of the day dynamic pricing
  • Image processing using ALPR and Fingerprinting
  • Manual image review
  • Hot List, Black List, and White List management
  • Real-time dashboard and reporting
  • Maintenance Online Management System (MOMS)
  • Single sign-on system
  • Reporting system


Gary L. Hausdorfer

President and CEO, Cofiroute USA, LLC

“TollPlus LLC, as a subcontractor of Cofiroute USA, LLC successfully installed a tolling back office system on the 91 Express Lanes located in Anaheim, CA … TollPlus has consistently been a reliable partner and has delivered high quality software on or ahead of schedule. Since going live, we have experienced zero down time and TollPlus has met or exceeded all of our required performance standards.”