TollPlus’ ToP-IPS helps toll road agencies dramatically reduce their operational costs while improving the quality/accuracy of their video toll transactions. Features include:

Automatic License Plate Reader and Vehicle Fingerprint Recognition Software

Built-in grouping and probing technology

Artificial intelligence and self-learning capabilities that enhance automation while cutting error rates

ToP-IPS interfaces with existing toll road back office or host systems. Your system becomes stronger through lower operating costs and the virtual elimination of errors and leakage.


Rafael Hernandez

Director of Operations, THEA

“… the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) implemented Toll Plus’s first installation of their Enhanced Image Processing (EIP) system in May 2013. Since going live, the EIP product has dramatically reduced the number if image processing errors, which can be extremely costly for our agency … TollPlus has demonstrated deep technical and functional expertise during the execution of the project. They have provided excellent support services to THEA and respond immediately with any inquiries and/or proposed changes to the system that we have. THEA would be happy to recommend TollPlus to any prospective customers.

Stephan P. Andriuk

Deputy Executive Director/Director of Toll Operations, Miami Dade Expressway Authority

“TollPlus LLC successfully completed the Enhanced Image Processing (EIP) system deployment for MDX. The system successfully handles video toll transaction volumes at an average of about 350,000-plus per day with a system availability of 99.67 over the past 14 months … This approach represented significant operational savings for MDX business operations.”