What is the typical system deployment time?

Our system can be deployed in as little as three (3) months, but ultimately the number of customizable features being requested drives the implementation timeline. Upon contract award and notice to proceed we will finalize an implementation project schedule that meets all client-requested timelines and milestones.

Do you provide roadside equipment?

No, we provide a back-office system and several peripheral systems, but roadside equipment is typically handled by the agency itself or another vendor that specializes in providing this service. We maintain partnerships with several roadside system providers in the marketplace and can work with any roadside system provider.

Do you handle data migration?

Yes, data migration is one of the services we typically provide during a system implementation project. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work with your legacy data experts to design the most effective plan for moving important data over to the new system.

Are you PCI-DSS certified?

Yes, our back-office system has been certified PCI-DSS for handling credit/debit cards and other online payments. The certification process is one of the many items we handle standard as part of our system implementation package.

What is included in the annual support and maintenance?

We are a full-service and support organization, meaning we provide all required software, hardware (if applicable), networking, data security, data retention, archival, and purging, disaster recovery, replicated reporting database, system monitoring software, and many other features. System-wide enhancements and upgrades are typically deployed to existing systems at no additional cost to our clients.

What technologies do you employ?

We utilize several leading-edge technologies, including Angular JS 4.0, Kafka, DROOLS BRMS, Spago/BI, and Hyperic.

What are some of your best product features?

Our ToP-BOS is extremely robust, highly configurable, and offers complete CRM, ERP, and SCM modules along with all other standard tolling system functions and features.

How customizable is the back-office system?

ToP-BOS is extremely configurable, meaning many changes can be made by a client’s system administrator without having to involve TollPlus development resources. Other specialized functionality that does not currently exist can typically be designed, developed, and implemented by our skilled team of software professionals after creating the business and functional requirements with our client.